FINDING URL ON BODEGA STORE, SHOPIFY You need shopify knowledge. I am somewhat familiar with shopify website, however there is an Adidas Yeezy Boost v2 coming out in three colors tomorrow 11/23 from this website: Also check here: I have tried to get the product id before it goes live many times before (virtually impossible to get it right when it goes live unless you have it in your cart before it goes live, available for purchase). I have noticed that bodega works on the url about a day and a half before they publish it. It is kept hidden. I try many combinations on the url and add .xml to the end trying to figure out where it is, but I fail. I need your help, all I want is the url of the product page for the Olive Adidas Yeezy Boost v2. Please. I just want the olive. I just want to have a chance.

Title: Analyzing Website URL Patterns on Bodega Store’s Shopify Platform

Shopify is a popular e-commerce platform that allows businesses to create and manage online stores. In order to effectively interact with a Shopify store, it is important to have a comprehensive understanding of its structure and functionalities. This analysis aims to provide insights into the URL patterns and product publication processes on the Bodega Store’s Shopify website, specifically focusing on the release of the Olive Adidas Yeezy Boost v2 sneakers.

URL Structure and Changes:
The URL structure of a Shopify website typically follows a consistent pattern, composed of a base domain name and specific routes that lead to distinct pages. These routes correspond to various sections of the online store such as the homepage, product pages, and collection pages.

As mentioned in the request, the Bodega Store’s Shopify website is located at This serves as the base domain from which other routes are appended to access different pages.

Preventing Early Access:
To ensure fair purchasing opportunities, many online retailers, including the Bodega Store, employ measures to prevent early access to products before their official release time. These measures often involve delaying the publication of specific product pages or keeping them hidden from public view until the desired release time.

Analyzing URL Changes:
In order to obtain the URL of the Olive Adidas Yeezy Boost v2 product page before its official release, it is essential to understand the potential changes that occur in the URL structure and how they can be manipulated to locate the desired page.

Based on the provided information, it seems that the Bodega Store might make the Olive Adidas Yeezy Boost v2 product page available a day and a half before the official release. However, the actual URL for this page is kept hidden, making it challenging to access directly.

One approach that the requestor attempted is adding “.xml” to the end of the URL, a method often used to access data or files associated with a specific web page. However, this method did not yield the desired results.

URL Combination Techniques:
To increase the chances of discovering the URL for the Olive Adidas Yeezy Boost v2 product page, it may be necessary to employ systematic URL combination techniques. These techniques involve systematically iterating through different URL combinations, leveraging common patterns and conventions used in Shopify websites.

Accessing a specific product page on a Shopify website before its official release time requires a nuanced understanding of the URL structure and the techniques employed by the retailer to prevent early access. In the case of the Bodega Store, discovering the URL for the Olive Adidas Yeezy Boost v2 product page requires a tailored approach and systematic URL combination techniques. By leveraging insights from Shopify knowledge and considering potential URL pattern variations, it is possible to increase the chances of locating the desired page.

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