Each week you are to enter content into an online journal provided in Blackboard that briefly summarizes (1) the tasks you performed during your internship that week and (2) total hours worked with days/times. The content can be brief and in outline form and use bullet or another list styling, but keep in mind that this content will form the basis of the two major papers that you will write for this course. Therefore, the more detailed you are in your weekly journal, the easier it will be to finish the two papers. Specifically, your weekly journal should contain: • The days and times you worked that week, as well as the total hours, worked. (Provide this information at the top of each weekly section so this will act as a de facto heading to separate each weekly entry that you make.) • The skills or skillsets used/required to complete each task • Each task you performed along with a brief description of what you did. • A brief explanation of why the task needed to be done. • Was there an outcome? If so, what was that outcome? • What new terminology did you learn this week? Provide the term and its definition.

As part of your internship, you are required to keep an online journal that summarizes the tasks you performed each week and the total hours worked. This journal will serve as the foundation for two major papers that you will write for this course. The more detailed and thorough your weekly journal entries, the easier it will be to complete the two papers.

To ensure your weekly journal is comprehensive, it should include the following elements:

1. Days, Times, and Total Hours Worked: Begin each weekly section by providing the days and times during which you worked, as well as the total number of hours worked. This information will act as a heading to separate each weekly entry.

2. Skills or Skillsets Used/Required: For each task you performed, identify the specific skills or skillsets that were used or required. This could include skills such as data analysis, project management, communication, or programming, to name a few.

3. Task Description: Provide a brief description of each task you performed. This can be done in bullet or list form, to keep the content organized and easy to read. Focus on summarizing what the task entailed and the specific actions you took to complete it.

4. Explanation of Task Relevance: Explain why each task needed to be done. Discuss the purpose or objective behind the task and its importance in relation to the overall goals of the internship. This will help contextualize your work and demonstrate your understanding of its significance.

5. Outcome Evaluation: Reflect on whether each task had a particular outcome. If an outcome was achieved, describe what it was and how it contributed to the overall objectives of the internship. If there was no specific outcome, explain the nature of the task and any potential implications or learnings.

6. New Terminology: Note any new terminology or vocabulary that you encountered during the week. Provide the term and its definition to showcase your expanding knowledge and understanding of relevant concepts.

As you fill out your weekly journal, remember that the content you include will serve as the basis for your two major papers. Therefore, it is crucial to provide detailed and comprehensive information. By effectively documenting your tasks, skills, outcomes, and new terminology, you will ensure that your papers are well-supported and informed by your practical experiences during the internship.

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