Discussion 1: Support services is a broad category  that refers to any team that supports an organization’s IT and business  processes. The help desk, for example, is a support services team.  Support services are vital when an incident impacts the operational  performance of an organization. Answer the following question(s): Fully address the questions in this  discussion; provide valid rationale for your choices, where applicable;  and respond to at least two other students’ views. Discussion 2 : A  simulated disaster and comprehensive recovery test may involve many of  an organization’s key personnel for several days: is this a reasonable  burden to place on a busy, competitive company? How would you argue  against the inevitable tendency to shortcut the procedure?   ***Standard for all discussion posts:   Please make your initial post and two response posts substantive. A substantive post will do at least two of the following: At  least one scholarly source should be used in the initial discussion  thread. Be sure to use information from your readings and other sources  from the UC Library. Use proper citations and references in your post.

Support services is a crucial aspect of an organization’s IT and business processes. It encompasses a range of teams that provide assistance and support when incidents impact the operational performance of the organization. One example of a support services team is the help desk, which is responsible for resolving technical issues and providing guidance to users.

The importance of support services lies in their ability to ensure uninterrupted business operations. When an incident occurs, such as a system outage or a software glitch, it can severely impact an organization’s productivity and revenue. In such cases, support services step in to address the issue, minimize downtime, and restore normal operations as quickly as possible.

Support services teams are equipped with the necessary expertise and resources to handle a wide range of incidents. They possess in-depth knowledge about the organization’s IT infrastructure and business processes, enabling them to identify and resolve issues efficiently. Additionally, they often use specialized tools and software to streamline their processes and enhance the quality of service provided.

One might argue that support services should be considered as an essential function within an organization rather than just an optional team. While it is true that establishing and maintaining support services can be costly, the benefits they bring far outweigh the costs. By investing in support services, organizations demonstrate their commitment to customer satisfaction and uninterrupted business operations. This can lead to increased customer loyalty and a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

In addition to their immediate impact on incident resolution, support services teams also play a vital role in preventing future incidents. They conduct root cause analysis to identify the underlying causes of incidents and work towards implementing preventive measures, reducing the likelihood of similar incidents occurring in the future. This proactive approach not only minimizes disruptions but also helps organizations improve their overall IT and business processes.

In summary, support services are an essential part of an organization’s IT and business processes. They provide valuable assistance and support when incidents impact the operational performance of the organization. By investing in support services, organizations can minimize downtime, ensure customer satisfaction, and maintain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

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