Develop an application involving simulation and gaming – Casino Simulation. The goal is to have you apply the knowledge, techniques and problem-solving skills you have learned in this class. The two game simulations that you will be developing are: Slot Machine and Blackjack. Here are some suggestions for the game’s design: 1. Ask the player to enter his/her name. 2. Display a personalized welcome message. 3. Ask the player to make an initial deposit, the required minimum amount is $20 and the max is $1000. Your program needs to keep track of the player’s account balance through the entire game. 4. Display a game menu containing the two games offered (Slot Machine, Blackjack) and prompt the player to choose a game he or she wants to play: 1=Slot Machine, 2= Blackjack and the amount the player would like to bet on the chosen game. 5. After a game selection is made, check the player’s account balance. If the balance is insufficient, prompt the user to deposit more money, else the game chosen by the player starts. 6. At the end of each game run, show the following messages: the player’s total deposit, the winning or losing amount and the account balance.

Developing a casino simulation application involves implementing two game simulations: Slot Machine and Blackjack. This assignment aims to apply the knowledge, techniques, and problem-solving skills acquired in this class. The design of the game includes several key features:
1. The application should prompt the player to enter their name as an initial step.
2. After entering the name, a personalized welcome message should be displayed.
3. The player will be asked to make an initial deposit. The required minimum amount for this deposit is $20, while the maximum is $1000. The application should keep track of the player’s account balance throughout the game.
4. A game menu should be displayed, offering the two games available (Slot Machine and Blackjack). The player will be prompted to choose a game to play, with Slot Machine represented by 1 and Blackjack by 2. Additionally, the player should specify the amount they would like to bet on their chosen game.
5. After the player selects a game, the application will check their account balance. If the balance is insufficient, the player will be prompted to deposit more money. If the balance is sufficient, the chosen game will begin.
6. At the end of each game, the following information should be displayed: the player’s total deposit, the amount won or lost in the game, and the player’s updated account balance.

Implementing these features will allow for the creation of a functional and engaging casino simulation application. The application will provide a personalized experience by addressing the player by their name and offering them choices in terms of games and betting amounts. The ability to keep track of the player’s account balance provides a realistic touch, adding to the immersion of the simulation. Additionally, the application ensures that the player does not have an insufficient balance to play a game and prompts them to deposit more money if necessary.

To implement the application, various programming techniques and concepts will be utilized. Input/output operations will be used to prompt the player for their name and the amount of their initial deposit. Conditionals will be employed to check if the entered amount is within the specified range, and if the player’s account balance is sufficient to play a chosen game. Additionally, variables will be used to store the player’s name, account balance, bet amounts, and game results. Functions will also be utilized to modularize the code and improve its readability and maintainability.

Overall, the development of a casino simulation application involving Slot Machine and Blackjack games will allow for the application of the learned concepts in simulation and gaming. The design suggestions provided will guide the development process, ensuring a user-friendly and engaging experience.

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