: Describe the nature of DB administration activities at Garden Glory and define the security scheme . Encrypt the DB for Garden Glory and discuss the proper procedures for DB backup and recovery. Ø Explain why it is important for the changes made by the Service Update Transaction to be atomic. Describe a scenario in which an update of TotalHoursWorked could be lost during a Service Update Transaction. Explain how locking could be used to prevent the lost update. Do you think optimistic or pessimistic locking would be better for the Service Update Transactions? Ø Describe processing rights that you think would be appropriate for this situation. Use the following template table as a guide and see Figure 6-16, pp.319 in textbook for an example. What problems might this security system have? Ø Do you think this backup and recovery program is sufficient for Garden Glory? What problems might occur? What alternatives exist? Describe any changes you think the company should make to this backup and recovery procedure.

The nature of database administration activities at Garden Glory entails managing and maintaining the company’s database system. This includes tasks such as creating and configuring the database, monitoring its performance, optimizing its efficiency, ensuring data integrity and security, and performing periodic backups and recovery procedures.

In terms of security, Garden Glory should implement a comprehensive security scheme to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of its data. This can be achieved through various measures such as user authentication, access control mechanisms, encryption of sensitive data, and regular security audits. By encrypting the database, Garden Glory can ensure that the data is stored in a secure format and can only be accessed by authorized personnel.

Proper procedures for database backup and recovery are crucial to safeguard against data loss and ensure business continuity. Garden Glory should establish a regular backup schedule, which includes full and incremental backups. Full backups capture the entire database, while incremental backups record changes made since the last backup. Additionally, the company should store backups in multiple locations, including offsite locations, to mitigate the risk of data loss due to physical disasters.

In the event of a database failure or data corruption, a recovery procedure needs to be in place. This typically involves restoring the database from the most recent backup and applying the transaction logs to bring it up to date. Garden Glory should regularly test the recovery process to ensure its effectiveness and make any necessary adjustments.

The atomicity of Service Update Transactions is essential to maintain data consistency and integrity. Atomicity ensures that all the changes made by a transaction are either committed entirely or rolled back entirely in case of failure. If a failure occurs during a Service Update Transaction and the TotalHoursWorked update is lost, it could lead to discrepancies in the records and inaccurate calculations of employee working hours.

Locking can be used to prevent a lost update. By implementing locking mechanisms, Garden Glory can ensure that only one transaction can access and modify a particular portion of data at a time. This prevents concurrent transactions from overwriting or interfering with each other’s changes. In the scenario mentioned, if a transaction locks the record containing TotalHoursWorked before updating it, other transactions will have to wait until the lock is released, thus preventing the lost update.

The choice between optimistic and pessimistic locking for Service Update Transactions depends on factors such as the frequency of conflicts and the performance requirements of the system. Optimistic locking allows concurrent access to data but performs conflict detection during the commit phase, while pessimistic locking locks the data during the transaction’s execution. In this case, considering the importance of data consistency in calculating employee hours, pessimistic locking may be more suitable to prevent conflicts and ensure accurate results.

Regarding processing rights, appropriate rights for this situation at Garden Glory may include read-only access for general employees, read and write access for managers, and administrative privileges for database administrators and IT personnel.

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