Create a gui form named TheArea, that allows the user to enter the length, width, or radius and then displays the area of the selected shape as follows: a. A brief explanation of what the user should do. b. the user will enter the length and width or radius via separate textboxes (three separate textboxes). c. Use a radio button that allows them to select a shape to calculate 1. rectangle, 2.Circle 3. Square. Create three area calculating methods: 1. rectangle-using to double ‘value’ input parameters (L & W) on double ‘ref’ parameter to return to the double Area. 2. circle-use on double ‘value’ input parameter (R), one double ‘out’ parameter that contains the Area. 3. square-use one double ‘value’ input parameters (L), use the Method’s return to return the double Area. Using a switch statement, determine which area is to be calculated and call the appropriate method from within the switch statement. Include a button, labeled The Area to initiate the area calculation and displays the shape selected and its’ area. Include a try catch block within your buttons code that catches non numeric input and displays a message to the user. Include a Clear All button that clears all and an Exit Button

The assignment requires the creation of a GUI form called “TheArea” that allows the user to enter the dimensions of a selected shape (rectangle, circle, or square) and displays the calculated area. The form should include a brief explanation of the task, separate textboxes for entering the length, width, or radius, and a radio button to select the shape to calculate.

To implement this, three area calculating methods need to be created: one for rectangles, one for circles, and one for squares. The method for rectangles should take two double input parameters (L and W) and a double reference parameter to store the calculated area. The method for circles should take a single double input parameter (R) and an ‘out’ double parameter to store the calculated area. Finally, the method for squares should take a single double input parameter (L) and return the calculated area using the method’s return type.

Using a switch statement, the program should determine which shape’s area needs to be calculated based on the user’s selection and call the appropriate method within the switch statement.

The form should also include a button labeled “The Area” that triggers the area calculation and displays the selected shape along with its calculated area. To handle non-numeric input, a try-catch block should be included within the button’s code to catch any exceptions and display an appropriate error message to the user. Additionally, the form should include a “Clear All” button that resets all input fields and an “Exit” button to close the application.

In summary, the task involves creating a GUI form with separate textboxes for entering dimensions, a radio button for shape selection, and buttons for calculating the area, clearing all fields, and exiting the application. The form should implement three area calculating methods for rectangles, circles, and squares, and handle non-numeric input using a try-catch block.

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