(comprised of Phase I and II) – Recommend solutions to the potential weaknesses from either the Aircraft Solutions or Quality Web Design Company In this phase of the project you will include Part I (presumably improved as needed based upon Week 3 feedback) and then you will recommend solutions for the security weaknesses you identified in the Phase I. – Hardware solutions must include vendor, major specifications with an emphasis on the security features, and location of placement with diagram. Software solutions must include vendor and major specifications, with an emphasis on security features. Policy solutions must include the complete portion of the policy that addresses the weakness identified. Any outsourced solution must include the above details and the critical elements of the service level agreement. – You must address the efficacy of the solution in terms of the identified threats and vulnerabilities; the cost of the solution, including its purchase (if applicable); and its implementation, including training and maintenance. – You must discuss any potential positive or negative effects of the solution on business processes and discuss the need for a trade-off between security and business requirements using quantitative rather than simply qualitative statements. include:

Phase II: Recommend solutions to the potential weaknesses from either the Aircraft Solutions or Quality Web Design Company

In this phase of the project, the aim is to recommend solutions for the security weaknesses identified in Phase I. These solutions will address the identified threats and vulnerabilities, the cost of implementation, and the potential effects on business processes. The solutions will be categorized into hardware, software, policy, and outsourced solutions.

Hardware Solutions:
The hardware solutions will focus on enhancing the security features of the organization’s infrastructure. This will involve selecting appropriate vendors and specifying the major hardware components, while also considering the placement of these components within the organization.

For example, for Aircraft Solutions, the hardware solution could include the installation of advanced firewalls and intrusion detection systems (IDS). The chosen vendor for firewalls could be XYZ Inc., known for its robust security features. The major specifications of the firewall should include Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) capabilities, high-performance throughput, and deep packet inspection.

Additionally, placement of the firewall should be strategically planned to cover critical entry points into the organization’s network. A diagram illustrating the placement of the firewall within the network architecture should be included to provide a clear understanding of its intended position.

Software Solutions:
Software solutions will revolve around implementing secure software applications and systems to mitigate potential security weaknesses. It is crucial to select vendors that offer secure software solutions and specify the major software components.

For example, in the case of Quality Web Design Company, a software solution could involve the adoption of a comprehensive antivirus software suite provided by ABC Software Inc. The antivirus software should come with robust scanning capabilities, frequent signature updates, and the ability to detect and remove both known and zero-day threats.

Policy Solutions:
Policy solutions will address the weaknesses identified in the organizations’ security policies. This could involve revising existing policies or developing new ones to ensure a robust security framework. The complete portion of the policy that addresses the weakness identified should be included.

For instance, in the case of Aircraft Solutions, a policy solution could include enhancing the password management policy. This could involve implementing a two-factor authentication system for critical systems, enforcing regular password changes, and educating employees on strong password practices.

Outsourced Solutions:
Outsourced solutions involve engaging third-party service providers to improve security measures. These solutions should include the same level of detail as the hardware and software solutions, along with the critical elements of the service level agreement (SLA).

For example, Aircraft Solutions could outsource their network monitoring and security operations center to a trusted managed security service provider (MSSP) like DEF Security Services. The SLA should clearly outline the scope of services, expected response times, and penalties for any service level breaches.

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