Complete the project on page 289 of the textbook by researching all the components needed to design a network that meets the project’s specifications. Next, write a paper in current APA format that lists each device that will be required, its primary functions and capabilities, a current cost estimate for all hardware, and the amount of personnel that will be required to maintain the network. PROJECT A medium size company needs to know what components they will need to establish a Local Area Network. They plan to have 1,200 users with e-mail, file and print, and Internet services. They also plan to have 20 servers used as LAN, proxy, and database servers. Four departments will need sufficient bandwidth and access applications from a database server. They are also going to expand to eight branch offices located in different states, two with only 10 users needing just a single Internet. What hardware components does the company need to build the LAN for all areas?

In order to design a network that meets the specifications outlined in the given project, it is important to consider the various components required. These components include devices that will be necessary to support the desired functions and capabilities of the network. Additionally, it is crucial to estimate the current cost of required hardware and determine the amount of personnel needed to maintain the network.

To meet the needs of a medium-sized company with 1,200 users, several devices will be necessary. Firstly, routers will be required to connect the company’s LAN to the Internet. These routers will ensure that all users have access to internet services. Additionally, switches will be needed to create the local area network and establish connections between devices such as computers, servers, and printers. These switches will allow for efficient communication within the LAN.

To support email, file and print services, as well as internet services, it will be necessary to have servers in place. In this project, it is mentioned that 20 servers will be used as LAN, proxy, and database servers. The LAN servers will ensure that users within the local area network can access shared files and resources. Proxy servers will facilitate communication between the local network and the internet, allowing users to access web pages and other online services. Lastly, database servers will store and manage the company’s data, ensuring its availability to all authorized users.

In regards to the requirements for sufficient bandwidth and access to applications from a database server for four departments, it will be necessary to include appropriate networking equipment. This includes network interface cards (NICs) for each computer, network cables to connect the devices, and switches capable of providing the required bandwidth. These components will guarantee that the departments have the necessary speed and capacity to access the databases and run applications efficiently.

Additionally, the project mentions the expansion to eight branch offices located across different states. For the offices that only require 10 users and a single internet connection, a smaller scale setup will be sufficient. This will include routers, switches, and access points to establish connectivity and provide appropriate network services.

In terms of cost estimation, it is crucial to conduct thorough market research to determine the prices of the required hardware components. Moreover, it is essential to consider the costs associated with licensing, maintenance, and support for the network infrastructure.

Regarding personnel requirements, the project does not explicitly mention the desired level of network management and support. Therefore, it is advisable to have at least one network administrator responsible for the maintenance and management of the network. The workload may require additional personnel, depending on the complexity of the network and the company’s specific requirements.

In conclusion, building a LAN for a medium-sized company with 1,200 users and additional branch offices requires careful consideration of the hardware components. These include routers, switches, servers, networking equipment, and other devices needed to support the desired functions and capabilities. Additionally, cost estimation and personnel requirements should be taken into account to ensure the successful implementation and maintenance of the network.

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