CCB (configuration control board ) Process Assignment ———– You are part of a team that will maintain space station simulator software for the Celestial Stations INC. for the next 4 years. There are 4 simulator installations that run independently and each installation is used daily during the first and second shifts by Celestial Stations engineers. Your team is currently working on the maintenance plan that will be used to regulate the maintenance activity. Your assignment is to write a process that the configuration control board activity will follow during the maintenance period. Your written process must be no longer than one page. (You may use Tables or diagrams placed on additional pages.) Process descriptions must be written in grammatically correct English using complete sentences. You should use the overall maintenance approach as described in class during the planning lectures for the context of your process. Do not include a glossary paragraph on this page as it will be created later and placed in the front of the document. Your paper must be single spaced, and printed in Times New Roman, Calibri, or Arial, 12pt font.

CCB (Configuration Control Board) Process


The Configuration Control Board (CCB) plays a crucial role in maintaining the space station simulator software for Celestial Stations INC. This process outlines the activities that the CCB will follow during the maintenance period. It is designed to regulate the maintenance activity and ensure the smooth running of the four simulator installations.


The objective of the CCB process is to provide a structured approach for managing configuration changes and enhancements to the space station simulator software. This includes evaluating change requests, prioritizing them, reviewing proposed changes, and implementing approved changes in a controlled manner.


1. Change Request Submission:
– Engineers and other stakeholders submit change requests to the CCB.
– Change requests should include a detailed description of the requested change, its impact on the system, and any supporting documents or evidence.

2. Change Request Evaluation:
– The CCB reviews all submitted change requests.
– Each change request is assessed based on factors such as its urgency, impact, feasibility, and alignment with the overall maintenance plan.
– The CCB may request additional information from the submitter if necessary.

3. Change Prioritization:
– After evaluating the change requests, the CCB assigns a priority level to each request.
– The priority level determines the order in which the requests will be reviewed and implemented.
– Priority levels may be based on factors such as the severity of the issue, the criticality of the affected system, and the impact on the overall mission objectives.

4. Change Review:
– The CCB conducts a thorough review of each change request.
– This includes assessing the technical feasibility, identifying potential risks and dependencies, and determining the resources required to implement the change.
– The CCB may consult subject matter experts or other stakeholders during the review process.

5. Change Approval:
– Once the change request has been reviewed, the CCB decides whether to approve or reject the change.
– Approval is based on factors such as the technical feasibility, alignment with system requirements, impact on the overall system, and available resources.
– If the change is approved, it is assigned a unique identifier and added to the approved change list.

6. Change Implementation:
– Approved changes are then implemented in a controlled manner.
– The CCB ensures that proper testing and validation procedures are followed before deploying the changes to the simulator installations.
– Any necessary documentation updates are made to reflect the implemented changes.

7. Change Closure:
– Once the change has been successfully implemented and validated, the CCB closes the change request.
– This includes updating the change request status, documenting any lessons learned, and archiving the change request for future reference.


The CCB process outlined above provides a structured approach for managing configuration changes and enhancements to the space station simulator software. By following this process, Celestial Stations INC. can ensure that maintenance activities are effectively regulated, and the simulator installations continue to function smoothly.

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