As large data-sets become more important to both consumer and business publishing, many businesses are experimenting with new ways to visualise data and help it to tell a story. And publishers that get it right – like the New York Times (see above image), Guardian or Wired – win awards, social media kudos and new readers. But what exactly is involved in the new discipline of data visualisation and what skills do publishers have to nurture, whatever the size of their team?  Andy Kirk, of , believes that data visualisation is a mixture of art and science, creativity, analysis and project management. He sees 8 “hats” in the data visualisation process, which can either be worn by different members of a team, or can be deliberate mindsets adopted by a solo professional.  Understanding how each contributes to the finished product is perhaps the key to creating great data visualisation designs… Think about the role you played in creating a presentation or working on a project using data visualizations. Choose two of the 8 hats and explain your roles (in relation to these hats) in creating the presentation or finishing the project. Discussion Length (word count): At least 250 words Purchase the answer to view it

Data visualization is a rapidly evolving discipline that is becoming increasingly important in both consumer and business publishing. As large data sets become more prevalent, there is a growing need to find innovative and effective ways to present this information in a visually compelling manner. The success of publishers such as the New York Times, Guardian, and Wired in creating award-winning and widely shared data visualizations highlights the significance of this field. In order to excel in data visualization, publishers need to possess a range of skills and approaches that fuse art and science, creativity and analysis, and project management.

According to Andy Kirk, data visualization involves wearing various “hats” throughout the process. These hats represent different roles or mindsets that contribute to the creation of exceptional data visualizations. Whether working individually or as part of a team, understanding how each hat contributes to the final product is crucial for creating effective designs.

One of the hats in the data visualization process is the ‘Designer’ hat. The designer is responsible for creating the overall visual aesthetic of the visualization, ensuring that it is visually appealing, user-friendly, and aligned with the intended message. As a designer, my role in creating a presentation or finishing a project using data visualizations would involve selecting appropriate colors, fonts, and layout to create an engaging and cohesive visual narrative. I would also focus on effectively communicating the main message or story through the visual elements, considering factors such as simplicity, clarity, and accessibility.

Another important hat is the ‘Analyst’ hat. The analyst is responsible for exploring, understanding, and interpreting the data being visualized. They play a crucial role in uncovering patterns, trends, and insights that may be hidden within the data. As an analyst, my role would involve conducting thorough data analysis to identify meaningful patterns or relationships. I would use statistical techniques or data exploration tools to identify interesting aspects of the data that could potentially drive the narrative of the visualization. This would require a deep understanding of the data domain and the ability to extract relevant information and insights.

Overall, the roles of the designer and analyst hats in the data visualization process are vital for creating impactful and informative visualizations. The designer ensures that the visual elements effectively communicate the intended message, while the analyst uncovers the hidden patterns or insights within the data. By combining these roles effectively, publishers can create data visualizations that captivate and engage audiences while conveying complex information in a clear and compelling manner.

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