1. Introduction • Briefly state what the paper is about and outline your approach. (Topic- Equifax Leak exposed sensitive information of 143 million Americans.) 2. Present your case • Describe the case, as well as people and parties involved. • EX: What Happened; What organizations and individuals are involved; who were the subjects; Private and/or public entities involved etc. 3. Identify the problem of your case: • Describe the scams, schemes, operations that occurred • EX: Why did this happen; How did the subjects benefit; What type of scams are involved; What are the legal considerations; etc. 4. Analyze the problem: • How is the given situation a problem? Elaborate and explore the circumstances of situation in your case. Consider the security aspects and legal limitations/frameworks. • EX: individual motivation; Organizational opportunities; Technical considerations; etc. 5. Present a solution to your problem • How can this problem be avoided in the future? • Target the points of your analysis. • EX: Research previous solutions to similar problems or parts of the problems. 6. Conclusion • State your personal opinion to conclude your paper. 7. References • At least 5 academic resources in APA style citation. • EX: Journal articles, books, established newspapers, etc.


This paper focuses on the Equifax leak that exposed sensitive information of 143 million Americans. The approach taken in this analysis is to examine the case, including the parties involved and the events that transpired. The aim is to identify the problem and analyze its ramifications, as well as explore possible solutions to prevent similar incidents in the future.

Presenting the Case

The Equifax leak refers to the massive data breach that occurred in 2017, where the personal information of millions of Americans, including social security numbers, birth dates, and addresses, was exposed. Equifax, one of the largest credit reporting agencies in the United States, experienced a security vulnerability that allowed hackers to gain unauthorized access to its databases. Alongside Equifax, the individuals affected by the breach and the organizations that played a role in the incident will be examined.

Identifying the Problem

The problem at hand is the occurrence of scams, schemes, and operations that arose as a result of the Equifax leak. It is crucial to understand why this breach happened, the motives behind it, and how the perpetrators benefited from it. Additionally, legal considerations surrounding the event need to be considered, such as the violations of data protection and privacy laws.

Analyzing the Problem

Analyzing the problem involves exploring the security aspects and legal frameworks that contributed to the Equifax leak. It is essential to investigate the individual motivation of the hackers, the organizational opportunities that allowed the breach to occur, and the technical factors that facilitated the data compromise. This analysis will provide insights into the circumstances surrounding the incident and shed light on the vulnerabilities that were exposed.

Presenting a Solution

A crucial aspect of this analysis is proposing a solution to prevent similar incidents in the future. By examining previous solutions implemented in comparable situations or addressing specific aspects of the problem, it is possible to identify measures, policies, or technologies that could be effective in mitigating the risks associated with data breaches on such a large scale.


In conclusion, the Equifax leak exposed the sensitive information of millions of Americans, highlighting the need for enhanced security measures and stricter data protection regulations. The analysis of this case illuminates the motivations, vulnerabilities, and legal considerations surrounding the breach. By considering these factors, it is possible to outline potential solutions that can help prevent similar incidents in the future.


[provide at least 5 academic resources in APA style citation, such as journal articles, books, and established newspapers, relevant to the topic of the Equifax leak and data breaches]

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