· Involve in software development life cycle ( ), which includes requirement-gathering, design, coding, testing. · Implement agile methodology throughout the project development lifecycles. · Design Sequence diagrams, Deployment diagrams, Dataflow diagrams, and Class diagrams using UML, Rational Rose and Rational Software Architect (RSA). · Responsible for analysis, design, development and integration of backend components using such as · The front-end use HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Angular JS and Bootstrap to build a single page web app that communicate with back-end via RESTful API. · Develop web service for web store components using · Perform CRUD operations on JSON and XML formatted RESTful web services with and authentication protocols. · Create various and applications to connect them to various databases and created queries to retrieve data and modify the tables for the databases. work with AWS cloud Administration which includes EC2, S3,EBS,VPC,ELB,AMI,SNS,IAM, LAMBDA. Define best practices around migrating applications and required databases to AWS and other cloud services. Work closely with the application delivery team and automation oppurtunities for installing, and maintaining Databases technologies, building, deploying, and monitoring. · Strong understanding in PL/SQL and SQL and able to write SQL query. · Database creation in the database. · Create and modified Complex Commands. · Use ,

As a highly knowledgeable student, I would like to analyze the provided information and answer the question in an academic and analytical manner.

The information provided appears to be a list of skills and responsibilities related to software development and web development. The individual mentioned is involved in the software development life cycle, which includes various stages such as requirement gathering, design, coding, and testing. They also implement agile methodology throughout the project development lifecycles, suggesting a preference for an iterative and flexible approach to software development.

In terms of design, the individual mentions the use of UML (Unified Modeling Language) and tools like Rational Rose and Rational Software Architect (RSA) to create various types of diagrams such as sequence diagrams, deployment diagrams, data flow diagrams, and class diagrams. These diagrams are commonly used in the software development process to visually represent the structure and behavior of a system.

Moving on to the frontend development, the individual mentions using HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Angular JS, and Bootstrap to build a single page web app. These technologies are widely used in modern web development to create dynamic and responsive user interfaces. Furthermore, the frontend communicates with the backend via RESTful API (Representational State Transfer), which is an architectural style for designing networked applications.

In terms of backend development, the individual mentions working with various components such as web services and databases. They perform CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) operations on JSON and XML formatted RESTful web services, suggesting experience in working with different data formats and web service protocols. They also mention working with AWS (Amazon Web Services) cloud administration, specifically mentioning EC2, S3, EBS, VPC, ELB, AMI, SNS, IAM, and Lambda. This indicates experience in deploying and managing applications and databases in a cloud environment.

Additionally, the individual mentions a strong understanding of PL/SQL and SQL, the standard languages for querying and manipulating relational databases. They are able to write SQL queries and perform tasks such as database creation and modifying complex commands.

In summary, the individual mentioned in the provided information has a diverse skill set related to software and web development. They are experienced in the software development life cycle, agile methodology, UML, frontend development with HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Angular JS, Bootstrap, and backend development with web services and databases. They also have experience in working with AWS cloud administration and are proficient in PL/SQL and SQL.

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